My Life in Photography

Photography has been a part of my life since the 60's. I've worked in journalism at a major metropolitan daily and a country weekly. I majored in Independent Study and Photography from Amhrst College and in the late 60's, learned large format photography, the Zone System and the fine black and white print from Paul Caponigro, one of its great masters.  Shortly thereafter, I had a one-man show the Baldwin Street Gallery of Photography in Toronto.  When I went to the MFA programs at Indiana Bloomington and the University of New Mexico, the masters there both told me I'd be better off developing my vision than earning a degree: I already had the beginnings of an eye. 
Since then the vision and witness of Creation have been my free-time devotion; in my retirement (from a 20+ years career in computers with IBM and Bard College), I have finally had the time to pursue imagery with considerable atternion, including the considerable devotion necessary to do large format work again, this time on visits to the northern Colorado Rockies, winter and spring 2015

My recent exhibitions

October 2012 Group Show, WAAM (Woodstock Artists Association Museum) Juried by Sarah Hasted of NYC's Hasted Kraeutler Gallery
One Man Show, “Catskill Mountains and Waters”, September 2014, ASK (Art Society Kingston) Gallery

My online work

In addition to serious art photography, I have for the last several years been chronicling music and dance at summer camps, most notably on staff at the Fiddle & Dance and dance weeks, which can been seen on my Flickr web page.   Just as there is transcendent light in landscape, so too does it manifest in the joys of music and dance

I work towards a meditational witness of Creation, an opening and a surrender to see the glowing life of Creation.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God:
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes
- Aurora Leigh, Elizabeth Barrett Browning