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in Fuji-Flex chromogenic print, bare print unframed

These are NOT the so-called
Giclée (pronounced gee-clay) prints, a fancy name for inkjet prints,
(which you can get at any Wal-Mart dirt cheap)
but true darkroom wet chemistry prints

of greater color saturation, crisp, near limitless detail,  sparkling life and resistance to fading

8"x10": $300          11"x14": $400

16"x20" & 14"x20": $500

24" by 30"  &   20" by 30" : $900

32" x 40" : $1200

4 foot by 5 foot: $2250

4 foot by 7 foot: $3000

Other sizes available in special order

These are Fujiflex prints, nearly the equal of Cibachrome (which has been discontinued by Ciba)

Due to media and printing costs, these prices are subject to change without notice
These prints are Fujiflex print media, which do not blot and are much less sensitive to heat, humidity, light bleaching and print color fading/shift that badly affect ordinary photographic and so called Giclée inkjet prints. They are archivally rated, with colors matching the vibrancies of original Ektachrome 8" x10" transparencies (slides!). 
Larger or smaller prints are priced and available on request  but require a non-refundable 25% deposit and a 2-4 week wait. 

  1. This is not snapshots but art, both in the field shooting the image and in making a fine print....the result of 60 some years in the making of my vision.
  2. Each shot (every time I take a picture) costs $25.  Half of that is for the film: a piece of film 8"x10 is equivalent to a 36 exposure roll of 35mm file and is not  a mass produced commodity item....a box of 20 sheets of film is $250.  The other half is the developing cost.
  3. I may shoot 3, 4, as many as 8 shots of the same general subject, changing the exposure and framing.  Thus a shooting a subject may easily cost $100.  And in a week's time at a location, I may shoot something like 5-10 subjects....thus $500 to $1000....or more.
  4. Then I send the film to NYC to one of the few remaining labs that process it.  When I get them back (paying postage both ways), I then decide which images I will try printing.  I may shoot 2-3 subjects (on 8 to 24 sheets of film) to get one that's really fine and worth printing.
  5. Then we get to the printing of the 8"x10 slides that have made the final cut.
    • Few people can handle printing large film like mine, and none of them do it by the old projecting-light-onto-paper with an enlarger; they have gone over to digital printing.
    • First, the 8"by 10" Ektachrome slide is digitized (interpreted as a computer image file). In order to capture sufficient detail and resolution to make a 4' x 5' enlargement, this digitization is done on a very specialized scanner.   Each digitization of an image costs  about $250, turning that luminous slide into a 350MB computer file. 
    • Only then, finally, can the true wet chemistry darkroom print be made...and that costs substantial money too.

Large format photography can achieve a God's eye, mescaline-clarity image. 
With this large (8" by 10") film, detail and tonality are rendered with incredible precision and subtlety
...allowing space and light and the mass of detail and tone speak their own truths.

The resolution inherent in this format is 10 to 20x greater than the best digital cameras, and these
 prints do not blot (like ink-jet) and have greater color saturation, detail, tonal range, sparkling life and resistance to fading

The images shown on these web pages only hint at the depth and quality of these images.
Please email or call to arrange a studio showing (Kingston, NY, 90 miles north of NYC) of these prints, properly displayed.

Contact: imago@